Looking ahead to 2020

I am looking forward to a packed 2020. I expect it to be a very busy one but a great one. I want to keep my goals pretty simple for next year to keep them more focussed. I hope everybody has an epic 2020 and make stuff happen time is whizzing by!

Running Goals

Complete Manchester Marathon in April 2020

Complete a 1000 miles in 2020 (didn’t know it was a thing till a few of my friends smashed the goal this year)

5KM PB – Sub 19

10KM PB – Sub 40

1/2 Marathon – Sub 1:30

Hit 60 Parkruns (currently on 43)

Attend more technical sessions to understand running technique, nutrition, preparation etc


Smash the new job starting 2nd January

Complete training for volunteering 

Get into the habit of using new note taking system


Drop 6lbs/1.5 inches off waist

Plant based diet throughout the week only 

Do some more strength work away from running


I would like to hit 7 new countries this year, provisionally – Turkey, Kosovo, India, Montenegro, Bosnia, Macedonia and Moldova. 

Travel over Christmas 2020

Euro 2020 for Wales in Rome (Vs Italy)

Get to see the Islanders after missing me usual January trip 🙁


Try and get to The Arsenal more

New Motor in July 2020

The Killers with the folks in June

Given I have failed on reading on the last 2 years – read 6 books this year (minimum)