DateRace NameOrganiserDistanceRace NoTimeTotal FinishersPositionCategory PositionGender PositionPBNotes
23/09/18Jolly JaguarsColtishall Jaguars10K49500:46:1350312960116YesFirst Ever Race - raining, really enjoyed it!
14/10/18Great Yarmouth East CoastGreat Yarmouth Road Runners10K75400:47:0581616870148NoTwisted ankle badly down big step on the promenade at 7K
28/10/18TrowseCONAC10K15700:47:12569157N/AN/ANoFirst race back after ankle destroyed, loved it, felt good!
25/11/18Breckland ForestSharon Nash10K17600:47:3416720N/AN/ANoMy first trails race, loved it and cracking medal!
16/12/18Thetford Trails 1Inspire Races10K17600:44:0535725N/AN/AYesMore trails and smashed my PB, really enjoyed the series
01/01/19Wymondham NYDWymondham Athletics Club10K61400:43:26
66783N/AN/AYesForgot my watch but still smashed the PB! Great race!
06/01/19Thetford Trails 2Inspire Races10K74100:43:0836614N/AN/AYes2nd in series, another 10KM PB on same course as Race 1
20/01/19SnettertonInspire Races10K28000:42:4681670N/AN/AYesFlat as a pancake, 10KM PB
27/01/19Freethorpe TENGreat Yarmouth District Athletics Club10 Mi32101:13:39699129N/AN/AYesSo windy, horrific on 2 particular miles
17/02/19ValentinesNorfolk Gazelles10K55200:42:0859376N/AN/AYesGreat race, was NRR target race, only 8 seconds off Sub 42 but still PB
24/02/19Theford Trails 3Inspire Races10K129800:58:25440229N/AN/ANoFirst hungover race after beating England, was horific!
10/03/19Thetford HoohahHoohah10K47600:41:4049710710YesSmashed this trail race, lovely light drizzle
17/03/19Mad MarchColtishall Jaguars10K57600:52:58649266N/AN/ANoStill drunk after Wales winning Grand Slam, so grim!
24/03/19Norwich Resolution RunStroke Association10K957600:42:10N/AN/AN/AN/ANoStroke Association 10KM on Catton Park, more a fun run than race
07/04/19Norwich HalfCONAC1/2 Mthn15101:32:45173713269122YesMy first half marathon, lovely rain and felt so strong and fast
14/04/19Bungay Festival of RunningBungay Black Dog10K140800:41:2044526N/AN/AYesCracking PB, was chuffed and not on an easy course
24/04/19Great Yarmouth Promenade SeriesGreat Yarmouth Road Runners5 Mi55500:34:11619823674YesI hate the Yarmouth courses but my first five miler
28/04/19Gozo MarathonTeamsport10K471700:44:3241128N/AN/ANoFirst International bling, stopped twice, boiling and warm
12/05/19Henham Festival of RunningOnYourMarksEvents10K65200:45:3516223N/AN/ANo2nd time stopping in consective races, was really concerned
15/05/19Wroxham SeriesNorwich Road Runners5K65200:19:23750130N/AN/AYesSmashed the 5KM PB on this but it was tough
19/05/19Three Castles Series: SnowdoniaRun Wales1/2 Mthn69601:50:466631089833NoImpossible to propery race, brutal but beautiful
26/05/19Holt 10KNorth Norfolk Beach Runners10K1500:44:0143060N/AN/ANoTerrible race for me, multiple stops - felt running had gone to pot
02/06/19Mike GrovesColtishall Jaguars10K300:47:5157768N/AN/ANoMore stopping on flat as a pancake course, was concerned - doc visit
28/06/19North Walsham 5KEPIC 5K31900:19:5734529N/AN/ANoReally felt good despite longer distance struggles recently
30/06/19Humpty Dumpty Great Yarmouth District Athletics Club10K5800:51:21474192N/AN/ANoHungover from a day in London with The Arsenal boys. NRR Target Race
03/07/19Wroxham SeriesNorwich Road Runners5K202700:19:11819127N/AN/AYesDiagnosed finally - Hypothyroidism, found out Jon S had it, inspired me to smash PB
06/07/19Lord Mayors ClassicCONAC5K18700:20:27190166N/AN/ANoReal struggle with the condition but beat the cut-off, was so hard but so proud
14/07/19Ekiden RelayIpswich Jaffas10K24500:43:52402N/AN/AN/ANoAnything over 5k still a real teeth grinding thing for me, awfully tough still
21/07/19Run NorwichCommunity Sports Foundation10K22300:45:266199540299501NoNow medicated but not at right level yet, I ran it rather than raced, totally comfortable
07/08/19Scottow SundownerColtishall Jaguars5K41100:19:5468962N/AN/ANoReally gave it some but died a death after 1.5 miles, way off best
11/08/19Rock n Roll DublinRock N Roll1/2 Mthn303601:39:096810595138533NoA real slog but delighted to be able to do 1/2 without stopping showing meds working
01/09/19Wissey HalfRyston Runners1/2 Mthn12501:42:23349106N/AN/ANoTerrible race for me, no medal, awful day/race - never again!
22/09/19Jolly JaguarsColtishall Jaguars10K55300:44:1471481N/AN/ANoStopped twice, roasting, still very far off anything over 5K being decent
06/10/19Three Castles Series: BangorThree Castles Series: Bangor1/2 Mthn52701:43:3842179969NoWas going ok until 12th mile, very hilly. Not a PB course. Disappointed fell apart @ 12
18/10/19Thetford Night TrailNight Trails10KM2301:03:29401195N/AN/ANoGood fun evening with Lucy and Shane, decked it over roots on last mile
24/11/19EAMA 10KMEAMA10KM54800:44:29570492842NoEnjoyed it but no where near my best or 100% still
31/12/19RAF Marham 10KMMarham Flyers10KM00:43:03NoPretty decent but not going to be a PB day
26/01/20Freethorpe 10 MileGYDAC10 Mi01:09:15YesLoved it, pleased with my time, couldn't have squeezed out anymore today
23/02/20Tarpley 20St Edmund Pacers20 Mi02:37:16YesFirst 20 Miler, really enjoyed
08/03/20Thetford Trails HalfActive.com1/2 Mthn01:34:29NoAlways like them but nothing amazing this time
23/04/22Westminster Half MEndurance Race Series1/2 Mthn01:49:40 NoEnjoyed it, big wind and 2 pointless hills but nice setting
15/05/22Colfax Urban 10 MilerDenver Colfax Marathon10 Mi01:20:30 NoReally great race through Denver, could have done much better
30/05/22Bolder BoulderBolder Boulder10k00:47:571791471443NoReally fun, can't wait to give it proper welly next year
18/06/22Mountain RidgeEndurance Race Series1/2 Mthn02:38:00Horrendous, worst race I have ever run
09/07/22Cookie DashColorado Runners5K70200:22:2474448537No