Welcome to Miami… Bienvenidos a Miami

It feels like I have spent 0 time in Birmingham or My Apartment over the last couple of months, and packing for the final week of work to go straight to airport was a pain but it’s a lovely way to kick off my December/January time off after this ludicrously short contract.

The current gig I signed up to for 3 months quite soon became apparent it was actually going to be 3 months as funded by elsewhere rather than IT Service.  It was a shame but still fun, what was not fun was living away (no agility to the role whatsoever) so eating out morning, noon and night with little or no exercise.  So while the 3 month gig was a good experience, piling on pounds wasn’t and after my 2 months travelling.  So my Tyson Fury-esque figure could do without a holiday in the US followed by Christmas followed by another trip to the US, but the brain is looking forward to it!

I headed on an early flight to Miami from Heathrow and the flight was ok other than a devil child who cried pretty much the whole 9 hours. I can cope with babies crying but this was not a baby and it was putting that fake cry on, needed a clip I reckon but there ya go.

Arriving in Miami, the weather was roasting and I got a shuttle to my hotel.  The hotel was right on Espanola Way which is like the Cuban district of South Beach.  Nice area and a stones throw from the beach, despite my hotel not being amazing, for the prices, I was perfectly ok with it.

It was a tiring flight and the time difference did me in a bit so on my day of arriving I strolled along south Beach, walked up the main streets and just chilled out.  In the evening, I went for a Cuban meal and a few proper old school Mojitos but didn’t do much else, I wanted to sleep and be fresh for the rest of the trip.

I had been warned but the noise in Miami streets is deafening until early hours, I hardly got any kip because people were dancing, playing instruments etc.  It did eventually stop around 2-3am and I got up pretty early and went to spend more time on the beach.

At around 11, I got a cab to downtown Miami to watch The Arsenal Vs United at the Miami Arsenal Supporters Club HQ, but the less said about that the better! A few Strongbows and some food later and I was off.  The evening was pretty much the same grabbing a few mojitos in some bars across the beach and some food, and then that was it.  Miami is clearly a banging place but also pretty amazing to completely relax if that’s what you’re after (I am).

On Sunday, I went back to 11th Street diner (commonly known as best breakfast venue) and I ended up going here every day.  Each time I had the full American and it was amazing, while I was there I was chatting to some Broncos fans and clearly they were in town to play the Miami Dolphins.  It was 30 degrees today so I thought would be cool to go and see them play.  Despite not liking the sport, I got onto stub hub got myself a cheap ticket and off I went to the Hard Rock Stadium.

I remember going to see the Seahawks Broncos in Seattle and thinking the Tailgate thing was amazing there, but in this heat and this city… the Tailgate was awesome!  Boiling, huge space there was blaring music, beer and food everywhere.  Glad I came already!

I went into the club shop and picked up a 25 usd jersey of a player who had just been traded.  I later find out he’s British and a Gooner, so I feel doubly vindicated (I am not paying 180usd+ for a jersey of a team in a sport I can’t stand).  I whipped on my newly acquired Ajay Dolphins Jersey on and headed to my seat.

It was a cool stadium and because I don’t follow American Football I didn’t quite realise how bad the Broncos had gone.  Apparently the Dolphins (Fins) have suffered a similar fate but the Broncos were really bad and Miami strolled to a pretty easy victory.  It was great fun, in great weather and a really cool stadium. 35-9 was the end score and I got to see Jason Taylor inducted into the Hall of Fame, presented with his ring etc.

Afterwards, I went to a European food place and chilled out there for a couple of hours people watching on the beach.  Tomorrow is the start of my hockey trip really with me checking out of Sobe (South Beach) and heading to Fort Lauderdale to see the Isles Vs Panthers and then the next day an early flight to Tampa!