Watching in slow motion, as you turn to me and say…


Sorry if you were expecting some soppy posted based on the title.  It’s just the classic song by Berlin and it always reminds me of this epic phoenix nights episode.

Returning to Germany, it was nice to be here again somewhere other than Munich for our annual stuffing at the hands of Bayern.  I know Berlin is meant to be this great hip city with great nightlife but I am only really here to see the historic sites and the wall stuff.  I am more looking forward to my relaxing few days in Marbs before heading back to the UK.

My first full day (yesterday was a doss and dinner job), I focussed on the non-wall sights/monuments.  As per usual I got some serious mileage in walking, but I got around the main sights like Siegessaule, Reichstag, Berliner Dome, TV Tower, Rotes Rathaus, the World Clock, Gendarmenmarket, Brandenburg gate and the Chancellery.  Weather wasn’t roasting but it didn’t rain.

I got told about these phone boxes which were 1 or 2 man discos with smoke machines ansd everything.  I trekked to where the Teledisko Gold was but it was turned off, was so disappointed, but maybe it’s only on in the evenings.  The place where it was located was a bit of a dive too but I imagine would be great in an evening with all the hipster type outdoor bars around it.

In the evening I went to a Croatian grill for dinner and had an absolutely enormous mixed grill and all the funky meats were accompanied by an onion which was engulfed in flames.  I couldn’t get the bloody onion out so I had to let it take it’s course, I tried to stab it to get flame out but it tipped whatever it was onto my meat and that started to flame too!

The next day was really all about seeing the wall monuments.  I got around the key ones, including the amazing East Side Gallery (the longest part of the wall remaining).  I managed to find the GDR watch tower which is only remaining watchtower in Berlin.  It’s run by a cool lady called Susi (for some reason Government weren’t interested in keeping it).  She tells you the story and facts about it before you head up the steel ladder.  Susi is a kind of badass, German sinead O connor/sigourney weaver bird, if she were a soldier guarding in the watchtower, I’d feel safe as houses.  I am absolutely terrible with things like ladders and I was absolutely bricking it going up there, it took me ages and on the way down it took even longer as I had to muster the courage to take the first step.

I’d had enough of wall stuff, so I headed to the Computer Games museum which had all the old classics and looks of cool stuff in.  After messing around in there for an hour or so I was absolutely spent having been walking around for 5 hours or so, so I headed back.  I went back to the Indian I’d went to on Sunday for dinner which is like some Indian ladies front room (about 5 sittings), but the food is great.

So tomorrow, I am heading to Charlottenburg to see the palace and then I have to check out as I have a hotel close to the airport ready for me early flight to Marbella on Thursday.  I shall not be doing much other than the palace tomorrow, I am ready for a few days sun in Marbs and then home.  The last two days have been knackering, 6 and then 5 hours walking, I am used to it now I love walking around a city but I am feeling proper knackered now.