Dilbert goes to Elbonia…

For some reason, before I headed to Estonia, I remembered a legendary Dilbert episode where he goes to visit the company manufacturing HQ (sweatshop) in Elbonia … have fun!

Dilbert – S01E06 – Elbonian Trip by SH4DOWMOS3S

Anyway, after an absolutely epic weekend in Norfolk for Kim & Amie’s wedding, followed by another successful and heavy day at Wembley, it was time to get back on my travels!

My flight from Stansted was stupidly early so I was struggling big time, anyway I’d paid for front seat for no hassle boarding and quick exit.  After the really easy short flight, I arrived in Tallinn but couldn’t check in for a few hours, so headed straight for Old Town.  I probably should have waited to do Toompea Hill until I got rid of the bag but I didn’t so headed up there to see Toompea Castle and the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.  Everywhere you go with any sort of height is amazing here because the place is so flat and the views are class.  There is just so much to see to be fair, I went to have a gander at Dome Church, Peep into the kitchen (look out tower) and the Kohtuotsa viewing platform.

After that I headed down to Town Square for some Estonian lunch.  I had some amazing Estonian black bread, peppered beef with garlic and herbs in the square.  Before I headed to my accommodation I jetted around lower town to go St Olaf’s church and St Catherine’s passage.

I also saw another great view point which had two epic huge statues of hooded monks, but no idea what it was called.  I haven’t got room for any weird souvenirs on this trip (hand luggage) so I hope I do not bump into any statues of them (thankfully, I am now on Day 3 and not seen one yet).

I then checked into my little flat which is great, it’s the first time I am using Air b n b but none of that flat sharing nonsense, entire flat only.  This pad is tidy to be fair and close to Old Town and close to the Palace and Park the other side.  After dumping my stuff down and having a granny nap I was up and out again heading back to Old Town for a wander and some dinner.  After a pretty expensive lunch I went in hunt of a decent priced one a bit further out.  I ended up at a really nice place and had rabbit liver which was luvvly jubbly!

The next day I headed in the other direction towards Kadriorg park and Palace.  It was another scorching day today and I hope that trend continues for the next 3 weeks (especially given the tales of woe from back home).  After wandering around the park and palace, catching some rays I went to the Radisson Sky Blu hotel to have some lunch in the sky bar with views over Tallinn.

In the afternoon I made the huge trek to the Seaplane Harbour to see the old planes and ships.  It was a pretty cool place to be fair but my feet were absolutely caning by the end of it.

I did some serious walking in day two so I was proper lazy and went to the Chinese across the road for dinner.  I swear I still need to catch up on sleep from last weekend, old age is settled in for sure.

Final full day of Tallinn and I clocked up some more serious miles walking in the sun.  I went to the TV Tower to go and see the views but also hopefully do the Edge Walk.  This basically involves being attached to the tower and walking around the edge.  I doubt it’s as hardcore as the CN Tower, Toronto but when I went it was -18 degrees so it was closed.

I got in and there were only two people doing it, me and this Russian guy.  As soon as he got near me the bloke was absolutely buzzing of BO.  I was chatting to some Americans (Texas) and the attractive Estonian staff member and it was a nightmare trying to keep moving away from Vladimir BO so they wouldn’t think that is was me.  I was genuinely worried I was going to flake out on the walk with No Spray Vlad in front of me.

Anyway, the wind up there seemed to waft his stench away so it was more bearable.  The walk was wicked, mainly because he was terrified so was no where near the edge so I got to quiz the tasty bird about Estonia.  We got to sit over the edge while she took some snaps and half an hour later we were off the harness and back in to roam around (on my own without buzzing Aldrin) taking some photos.  I felt a little bad as he asked me if I wanted to go into Old Town but a. I’ve been there for last few days and B. my lungs would be tampin’ with me for the rest of my life if I exposed them to that for a sustained period.

After the TV tower I walked along the coast back to Tallinn, as I was casually wandering back, a snake came out from the sea wall, I absolutely shit myself!  Now, I am not going to lie and say it was like a python, but it was no grass snake either!

For my last supper I treated myself to a swanky dinner at Lusikas.  I had burnt tuna and mango for starters, elk for main and chocolate cake for dessert, was all mint!

So I am back at the apartment now, packing for my early ferry tomorrow to Helsinki and Finland, country number 35.  Tallinn has been epic, wish I could explore more of Estonia but hey ho.