NYC Day 7: Back to reality!

It was a sad day today, having to say goodbye to NYC again and get back to the UK (and the midnight – 3am Islanders games).  I did a little bit of shopping this morning and went to Junior’s Brooklyn which was the first Junior’s (1965) for some of their famous cheesecake.

When I asked for a little bit of cheesecake, I knew what was coming to be honest.  I’ve been to the States enough time to realise I was getting a massive slab and so I did.  No way could even a chocolate monster like me polish off that bad boy so it was half done and off I went.

I went to the airport pretty early to use the lounge etc.  It wasn’t easy carrying my framed/signed Anders Lee frame with the rest of my luggage but we got there in the end.

I loved this trip! Mainly due to the hockey but I much prefer my subsequent NYC trips to my first because all the touristy stuff is out of the way and I can just do as a New Yorker does when I am out there.  I am pretty sure I’ll be back for the playoffs, 1 trip to NYC isn’t enough to feed my addiction to the place.

I did manage to use the time to plan my Calgary/Edmonton trip at the end of Feb but also start planning my 2017 where I’ve promised myself I will be doing some drastic like moving city, buying another place or moving abroad.  The problem is, I change my mind daily but I have started exploring my options much more in depth now so I am already excited about the next 12-16 months,

It was snowing in NYC again today so I am definitely departing at the right time.  On landing I have heard about the news of a snow storm coming so very happy to be back in that sense.

If you haven’t been to New York, I cannot recommend it enough.  People automatically assume it’s too expensive and yes accommodation isn’t cheap but the price of shitty package holidays to those Brit filled dump holes is just as expensive these days.

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