The Name

I thought it would be good to share a little history about Rowe’s Enterprises, in particular how I came about the name.

Firstly, I decided to go self employed and work as a contractor in 2013. I had never really had a taste for travelling throughout University, not on a massive scale anyway, I was far happier with holidays which included a beach, pool and alcohol. I was working as a Business Relationship Manager and on the IT Senior Management team at May Gurney, when thankfully I was allowed to take 4 weeks off to travel around Thailand. I chose to experience a country in-depth rather than hop to all the neighbouring ones and that is a decision I definitely do not regret. When I returned, I had definitely caught the bug, and unfortunately I felt being in permanent employment was going to limit my opportunities to travel. The deal was sealed when I bought a scratch world map and I realised how little of the world I had seen!

I left employment and secured my first contract within a week so I was up and off in the world of self-employment and contracting. I had reservations initially because I was somebody who liked to dedicate myself to progressing through an organisation and building long and sustained relationships with customers and clients, whereas I was expecting shorter engagements as a contractor.

I have not looked back since and it has enabled me to broaden my experiences, work with some fantastic clients and keep my appetite for work very fresh indeed.

There is definitely a grammatical flaw in the name of my company but there was absolutely no hesitation when selecting my name in the Summer of 2013.

I had always had grand plans to be successful, although I was talking Branson/Sugar kind of successful when I was in school. I was into dance/house music then and I had created a few compilation CD’s for friends who had recently passed their driving tests and had cars. Now, I know that this is not exactly legal and of course I do not condone such copyright activity now (14 years on) but the demand for the CD’s increased. I am not talking mass sales here, there was only about 10 to 15 people who used to want them, but I remember very clearly joking that I was taking over the world and Rowe’s Enterprises was born.

The name became a regular feature in my grand plans to open a chain of businesses in my hometown and other grand ideas I was conjuring up in my youthful ambition. As the years progressed, and my career path developed, I think it became clear I was not going to be the next Lord Sugar or start a record label but I remember feeling determined that one day I would register the company Rowe’s Enterprises Ltd. That day came on the 27th July 2013 and despite the grammatical flaw, I was confident enough to register it as

1. it would tick that promise I made to myself off the list and

2. I was hoping my name would be protected from most clients as work tends to go through agencies.

I have always been somebody who was willing to take a leap of faith and going solo definitely was that, but one I am very pleased to have made. Long may I get to work with fantastic clients across the globe and hopefully I can continue to explore the world in between contracts.

Please do not contact me about dance/house/trance music compilations though, I cannot be tempted back

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